Valimail stops phishing attacks, the #1 source for cyber security breaches. It does this through its unique automation of DMARC policies, and by building comprehensive ‘safe email’ lists from it’s global repository.

Key Messaging:

1. 68% of the phish Google sees daily has never been seen before and each attack only lasts 12 mins. So black lists and AI/ML fails to adapt quickly enough to the near infinite bad.

2. Valimail’s solutions are based on positive (definitive) analysis – only the good gets through and the infinite bad gets blocked. Like a bouncer, only those on the list get in.

3. Our policy engine plugs into O365 and Gsuite, allowing everything from “invoicing dept should never get gmails” to “just flag that email as untrusted for the customer support teams”.

4. Valimail now has 3,000 companies signed up with our free Monitor for O365. According to MISA (the partnership we have with Microsoft), this is the most successful and fastest growth in the program.

5. For consumer brands, Valimail has the unique ability get a 10% increase in deliverability and 10% increase in open rates. The brands’ logo shows up in US email consumer inboxes (AOL, Y!, Hotmail) and protects the brand from criminals sending email as them. Gmail joins this logo ability in 2020. It may be the only security solution that can increase top line revenue.


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