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ALPS has subject matter domain expertise in Hi-Tech Manufacturing with deep insights, experiences and trusted relationships across the product lifecycle continuum. Our mission is to drive performance improvement, operational cost efficiencies and improve profitability while assuring a secure environment.
ALPS' B2B Portfolio contains Hi-Tech Manufacturing solutions and professional services for the following scenarios:
Critical Data Immutability
  • Distributed data backup archiving
  • Next gen protection for critical data:

-Product recipes
-Data sequencing
-FDA submissions

Adopt a strategy of AI & RPA
  • Performance Value & Cost efficiencies
  • Virtual colleague cost savings of personnel by over 50%
  • SAP ECC to S4 Hana optimization
  • Financial management through RPA processing
  • AI OCR for manual MES environments
  • AI OCR for specialty pharma
  • Reduce legal liability and ensure compliance of your legacy data
Harden your OT Environment
  • Zero trust in-memory runtime protection
Secure Endpoint Connectivity
  • Securely and dynamically connect users to their working environments
Environmental, Health & Safety
  • Immersive AI & VR experiences for promoting safety and measuring effectiveness.
State of the Art Content Management
  • Deliver dynamically controlled content coordinated across multiple channels
Legacy Data Management
  • Reduce legal exposure
  • Maintain access for reportability and audits
  • Sunset legacy systems

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Factory 4.0
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Business Continuity
  • Zero Trust In Memory runtime protection
Connected Factory
  • Dynamic Risk-Based Access
Automated Factory
  • IA & RPA Partners

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