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ALPS has subject matter domain expertise in Life Sciences with deep insights, experiences and trusted relationships across the product lifecycle continuum. Our mission is to drive performance improvement, operational cost efficiencies and improve profitability while assuring a secure environment.
ALPS' B2B Portfolio contains Life Sciences solutions and professional services for the following scenarios:

Zero Trust Network Access 2.0

If you have remote workers accessing your network, ZTNA is a critical cybersecurity strategy to reduce attack vectors and provide granular security policies. Understanding some key factors to this industry is critical when choosing a ZTNA solution.

Combatting Ransomware

CyberAssureTech is specifically designed to assure an indestructible and immutable copy of your data, protecting you from cyber threats, environmental disasters, and the human factor in a way that traditional backups cannot.

First and only functional double blockchain server available on the market today.

Next generation in protection for your critical data:

  • FDA submissions
  • Clinical Trial Data
  • Intellectual Property
  • Human Resources and PII
  • And more

Watch the UVM Case Study here

SaaS Discovery

Create a  SaaS Security Control Plane to immediately find unsanctioned cloud software and onboard onto your network policy with secure safeguards like Single Sign On. 

Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation

RPA does not change your operating paradigm, it makes components and processes more efficient and less dependent on human capital…in other words, RPA makes your existing workers more productive! A successful RPA strategy requires an Expert Partner.

Practical Life Science applications:

  • SAP ECC to S4 Hana optimization
  • Financial management through RPA processing
  • AI OCR for manual MES environments
  • AI OCR for specialty pharma
  • Reduce legal liability and ensure the compliance of your legacy data

Premier partners with Prism and Blue Path

World Leading Content Management System (CMS)
  • The most complete, state of the art CMS solution available
  • Used by the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies and global brands
  • Deliver dynamically controlled content, coordinated across multiple channels
  • Extensible architecture designed to be flexible and fast—with built-in debugging tools, APIs and more, all designed to save development teams time and money
  • API-first, cloud agnostic, and front-end agnostic
Legacy Data Management
  • Ensure your legacy data is Secure, Compliant & Accessible
  • Cloud strategies have decreased the average lifespan of enterprise software. Having an archive strategy that retains relational structure of your data means you stay nimble as an organization, and don’t lose historical insights.
  • Having a strategy to deal with the past allows you to focus on the future
  • Reduce legal exposure
  • Maintain access for reportability and audits
  • Sunset legacy systems
  • Recreate dynamic documents like payroll and time cards with ease
  • Ideal for sensitive data like HR & Finance
  • Have a Strategy to manage your Legacy PII
Secure Endpoint Connectivity
  • Securely and dynamically connect users to their working environments
Zero Trust in Memory Runtime Protection
  • Zero trust for Zero Attacks in Memory Runtime Protection for the OT Layer
  • Digital Immunity prevents cyber-attacks from impacting manufacturing uptime, productivity and revenue
  • Revolutionary Prevention: Protection in memory, at run-time when and where workstations and servers are most vulnerable prevents attacks on un-patchable systems, end-of-life and out-of-service OSs
  • Hardens the OS and its applications from tampering or the execution of malicious code
  • Operates at Kernel Level for speed and security benefits
  • Easy to deploy
  • Integrates with existing workflows

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