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We invite all of our advisors to submit a bio highlighting their accomplishments, experience and qualifications. Humility is generally encouraged, but this is your chance to express yourself confidently! Share what you have achieved, learned or been involved in – a humble brag to let our Clients know who they are working with!

A few tips for writing a Bio:

  1. Write in the 3rd person
  2. Mention any companies you want to associate yourself with.
  3. Include a professional accomplishment.
  4. Describe your values and how they inform your career.
  5. Briefly tell your reader who you are outside of work.



As the Director of Marketing and Solutions for ALPS, Sam Peret is responsible for 80+ Senior Advisors getting the resources and material they need to effectively communicate the value propositions for a portfolio of solutions. Sam is a serial entrepreneur having a track record of bringing several companies to market including an AI bio-marker company, nQ Medical Inc, a Plasma Blasting company based on NASA technology, Petram Technologies, and two VOIP companies, Whaleback Systems and Conversely, as an early adopter and employee of Airbnb, Sam’s experience ranges the world of startups to one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent technology companies.

A man of many hats, Sam’s overarching theme has been providing critical thinking in alignment with the companies needs, and clarity of thought amidst multiple views and perspectives. Outside of his Marketing career, Sam focuses on teaching his twin daughters how to navigate a brave new world with vitality, curiosity, tenacity and minimized screen time.


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